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Dalit Proter

Israeli artist lives and works at Kibbutz Hasolelim in Jezreel valley.

I have reached the world of art after studying and working as a fashion designer. Later on, I completed my academic degree at the Oranim College of Art.

My starting point was curiosity and discovery. I was quickly drawn into painting and drawing.

I believe that as an artist, you never truly cease learning and I always look for opportunities to learn, develop and step outside of my comfort zone.

Each painting is a challenge and some kind of a battle with lots of questions asking and personal decisions to make.

My inspiration is people around me whom I feel strong need to paint. Whether it’s family, colleagues, or strangers who become new friends. Through them, I can create the story I want to tell.


* 2018            Academic Drawing - Eran Webber.

* 2017            Alla Prima workshop - Aram Gershuni.

* 2015            BasicPhotography - Galitz school of photography.

* 2014            "Face to Face" Portrait painting workshop - David Nipo.    
* 2012            Painting studies at Elie Shamir's studio
* 2008-2011   Complementary Studies degree in fine art - Oranim Academic College
* 1988-1992   Fashion Design - the Neri Bloomfield School of Design and Education (Wizo Haifa College)

solo Exhibitions:

2021                Soul on Canvas, Bamevoa Gallery, Yifat.  curator: Ayelet Hertswolf.

2016                Child Adult Parent, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa.   curator: Hana Coman.
2013                Little Women.   Zaddik Gallery,  Jaffa.    curator : Hana Coman
2011                Graduators exhibition - Oranim.   curator : Ruthi Helbitz

Group Exhibitions:

2021                 RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of fine art, London.

2021                 Emek Yizrael Artists, The Jezreel Valley Museum.  Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne. 

2020                 Emek Yizrael Artists, The Jezreel Valley Museum.  Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne.

2019                 TL;DR ( אמ-לק ) The exhibition that wont be.  Zadik Gallery.  Curator: Hana Coman.

2019                 Emek Yizrael Artists, Timrat.  Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne

2018                 Portrait - Women in Art, The Supreme Court Museum, Jerusalem.  curator: Dr. Orna Yair.

2018                 Gadish, Beit Hankin Multidisciplinary gallery.  curators: Idit Levavi Gabay, Neta Haber.

2018                 Emek Yizrael Artists, Timrat.  curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne.

2018                 Back Shortly, Zadik Gallery,  Jaffa.    curateless.

2017                 Intense Stillness,  Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea.   curator: Shir Meller - Yamaguchi.

2017                 Fresh Paint 9, The Steinhardt Museum, Tel Aviv University.  curators: Yifat Gurion & Raz Shapira-Fainburg.
2016                 8th Secret Art,  Beit Meni Leumi, Tel Aviv.    curators: Esti Drori, Doron Polak.
2016                 Emek Yizrael Artists, Timrat.  curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne.
2015                 On the Face,  Zadik Gallery,  Jaffa.    curator:  Hana Coman.
2015                 Gathering II+,  Ilana Goor Museum,  Jaffa.    curator: Sophia Dekel-Caspi & Shahar Sarig.
2015                 Emek Yizrael Artists, Timrat.  curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne.
2014                 The program for active artists, Ramat-Gan museum for Israeli Art.    curator:  Monica Lavi.
2014                 Money, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa.    curator:  Hana Coman.
2014                 Emek Yizrael Artists, Timrat.  curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne.
2013                 I came, I missed, I came.  New Media Gallery, Bat-Yam.    curator : Moran Dodgar
2012                 selling exhibition - Bread & Roses. Tel-Aviv
2012                 I Fell Like.  Gallery Tel-Aviv, Ayelet Hashahar,   curator : Motty Golan
2012                 On a Small Scale - Zadik Gallery. Jaffa.    curator : Hana Coman
2012                 Friendship - Yad le-Banim, Hod Hasharon.  curator: Dr.  Nava Sevilla Sade
2011                 Starting Point - the Excelling students' Graduation show - Pyramida, Haifa.  curator : Yehuda Yatsiv

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